Unlock the Power of Your Subconscious Mind


Unlock the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

I help busy sales managers, business owners, and Entrepreneurs increase their sales in 90 days or less! 
and Not all Speakers, Coaches, Trainers and programs are the same! 
Elevate Your Outcomes, Boost Your Income, and Achieve Remarkable Results by maximizing your subconscious mind in my Immersive mindset trainings, coaching, or online programs.

Welcome to a transformative journey with me, where I'll be your guide in expanding your subconscious mind for MORE sales and income, with my Immersive Mindset Entrepreneur Coaching Program, Corporate Trainings, or on line Programs. 

Explore my immersive mindset programs designed specifically for forward-thinking companies and professionals who are frustrated with conventional training methods that often lack results. If you're seeking accelerated results, increased sales, and tangible outcomes within 90 days, these powerful mindset systems will blow you away!

No matter where you currently stand in your personal and professional journey, discover my immersive subconscious coaching and trainings, tailored to propel you forward – FAST!

With over 25 years expertise in subconscious mind mastery training, I have served as a keynote speaker, master results coach, trainer, business consultant and author. My programs transcend conventional approaches to personal and corporate growth. By delving into your own mindset, I guide you to explore and dismantle your "inner blocks and inner objections," enabling you to achieve results at a pace ten times faster than traditional programs. 

Whether you engage in my keynotes, corporate trainings, custom  corporate programs, read my book, participate in my one-line programs, or become one of my one-on-one 90-day coaching  clients, there are diverse avenues for you to attain the desired outcomes you are seeking. 

The Benefits Of Working With Your Subconscious Mind

Achieve Peak Performance

By understanding and influencing your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors with new success programing, you'll experience a remarkable shift in your performance and daily behaviors. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to peak productivity!

Enhance Decision-Making

Your subconscious mind plays a very significant role in your daily decision-making. By honing this power, you'll make more informed, intuitive, and impactful decisions, leading to greater success in both your professional and personal outcomes.

Accelerate Your Sales Results

Elevate your sales game by leveraging the power of your subconscious money & sales mindset. Gain an edge in understanding your mindset, along with your client needs, building richer rapport, and closing deals more effectively than ever before.

Revolutionize Your Corporate Training programs With Adding Cappi Pidwell's Immersive mindset Programs to your training model 

Does your company invest thousands of dollars each month without witnessing the desired outcomes, or increased sales for most of your staff and team?

Are you frustrated with sales trainings that yield minimal results, as you say (or hear) the same thing over and over again month after month, and year after year, with little results? 

If so, then it's time to discover how Cappi can help you address the missing pieces in your training model, with her Custom Corporate Immersive Mindset Systems.  These immersive mindset systems are the key to empowering your team to....

looking for a great speaker?
Elevate Your Next Event with Cappi Pidwell's Mindset Mastery for Unprecedented Sales & Success!

Are you ready to transform your upcoming event into an unforgettable experience that leaves your audience inspired, motivated, and equipped with the mindset for unparalleled success? 

Look no further than Cappi Pidwell, an international speaker and a seasoned authority on mindset mastery with an impressive 29-year track record of captivating audiences worldwide.

Take Your Personal & Professional Development to The Next level With Cappi's Immersive Subconscious Courses & Coaching Programs

Explore Your Money Mindset

Explore your Money Mindset is all about you discovering WHAT IS STORED INSIDE OF YOUR Money mindset.  Explore your beliefs, feelings, and emotions with money, and let the subconscious session begin to change your money mindset for greater income and results. 

Mental Money Mastery

If you're genuinely committed to transforming your relationship with money into one of abundance, this 21 Day Mindset Program is tailor-made for you! Disregarding this powerful opportunity to reshape your relationship with money and elevate it to a prosperous level is a risk you can't afford to take! Get started today, for a much richer tomorrow! 

The Mindset Code Book

The Mindset Code Book, endorsed by Stedman Graham (Oprah's life partner) will help you tap into your powerful subconscious mind, where all change takes place! This book has my subconscious secrets that have helped thousands of people just like you, get real results in their lives. 

The Mindset Code Sessions

Unlock the full potential of "The Mindset Code book" with professionally pre-recorded subconscious sessions from the book. They will provide you with a fast-track to your personal transformation and desired outcomes.

Stress To Success Live Coaching

In this exclusive 8-week Live Group Coaching Program, this personal, powerful experience integrates the live Zoom coaching calls with Cappi, a dynamic workbook to pace you on the week-to-week topics, along with her powerful subconscious sessions tailored to supercharge your mindset.

90-Day 1:1 Coaching

Dive into a transformative journey with this exclusive 90-Day Personal Coaching Program, offering unparalleled access to Cappi Pidwell's 30 years of mindset expertise and her customized MP3 Mindset subconscious sessions, along with her “mindset processing” and custom strategies to grow your business, along with her live coaching calls get YOU new outcomes 10'x faster than traditional coaching & training. 

Lives Changed Through Cappi's 
Mindset Mastery Programs

"I am now making $20,000 
per month consistently"
 -Frank Martinez
"I just was floored by the information she provided"
"I have seen amazing results in my business and personal life..."
 - Kim Cartwright
"Cappi Pidwell's magical! Her Subconscious Secrets are life changing! I increased my commission by 265% after doing her program."
 -Carolyn, Business Owner
"Thank you for your informative and highly relevant presentation to our professional group of Experience Unlimited --  We were all very impressed with the depth of information you shared regarding the conscious and subconscious mind.  You made it so simple to understand.  Your valuable insights and model was really fascinating and the mental exercise you gave us was a surreal experience of immediate positive results that we will long remember.  It was one of the most powerful presentations I have ever seen! I believe that what we learned from you will be of great benefit to us in our daily thinking …and beyond. Thank you so much Cappi"
 -Linda, President
"Before meeting Cappi and doing her Mental Money Mastery 3 week program, I worried about money all the time. The worry was overwhelming me and keeping me producing the same results over and over again. Since doing her Money Program just 2 months ago, my career and life have taken off!  

I am now working with million dollar clients (which I never imagined I would be doing) and I just signed a contract yesterday, which will increase my income by more than double this year. Her Money Program has been such a huge life changer!" 
 -D. Barrios, Realtor
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