The Mindset Code Session
These three sessions are pre recorded for you by Cappi

The Mirror Session

You will want to do this session daily, in front of the mirror. You can also drive to this session! Just be sure and do it in front of the mirror and LOOK INTO YOUR own eyes DAILY for 3 weeks!   

The Subconscious Session

Here is the subconscious CLOSED EYE SESSION. Do not EVER listen to this while you are driving! This is a powerful close eyed session. You will listen to this session when you go to bed at night, or in the morning when you wake up. 

The Brain Training Exercise

Here is the Brain Training Exercise. In this process, I walk you through it all. It's very powerful, and takes a little practice. Just follow along! 
Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
These three sessions are pre recorded for you by Cappi so you can get started Immediately. These sessions are completely done for you to save you the time of creating them for yourself. One session with Cappi cost $499 but because you are taking this course you get all 3 for only $79
Cappi Pidwell
P.S. : These products accompany the Mindset Code Book and may not bring you the same results
without the book. 
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